ECLIPSE LV100DA-U (episcopic/diascopic; motorized type)

Motorized microscope with episcopic/diascopic illumination, which enables the control of objectives, light intensity, and observation method detection from the camera control unit

LV100DA-U (Motorized)

A motorized microscope with episcopic/diascopic illumination ,which meets the various needs of observation, inspection, research, and analysis across a wide range of industrial fields. Higher NA and a longer working distance than ever before mean superior optical performance and efficient digital imaging.
Max. sample size: 150 x 150 mm

Modular microscope body applicable with various observations and tasks

Compatible with brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing, DIC, epifluorescence and two-beam, interferometry observations. Furthermore, phase contrast and DIC observation with diascopic illumination are also possible.
It supports diverse and advanced research, analysis and inspection.

Compatible observation methods
Brightfield Darkfield DIC Fluorescence Polarizing Phase contrast Two-beam interferometry
  • *Select suitable lens for each observation.

Newly developed CFI60-2 series provides the ultimate in long working distance levels and the most advanced chromatic aberration in a light weight body

Objectives for brightfield observation (epi)

CFI60-2 series offers higher NA and longer working distances than ever before.

  • For more information, see the chart

Easy digital imaging

Combining the camera control unit with the LV100DA-U, allows greater information detection and control over a variety of key functions, including the use of objective lenses, light intensity of the illumination unit, aperture stop, observation method adjustment (brightfield/darkfield/fluorescence) and magnification.
In addition, the information is automatically converted to appropriate calibration data when changing magnification.

  • *With the DS-L3, only information detection is possible. With the DS-U3, all control is possible.
  • Digital Camera System for Microscopy Digital Sight Series
  • Imaging Software NIS-Elements

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